Bounty Program

Bounty program is offered to participants who want to take part in any of the following activities.

The bounty allocation available:

Campaign 1: Bitcointalk Signature — 50%

Campaign 2: Translation & Moderation — 25%

Campaign 3: Media, Videos & Blog Posts — 15%

Campaign 4: Twitter — 10%

Terms and Conditions for Participation in the Bounty program
  • To start the bounty campaigns, there is a need for the creation of a thread on Bitcointalk forum
  • Although the amount of rewards is based on the amount of token sold, each bounty gets an allocation of 3%.
  • If necessary, slight changes can be made to the Bounty Campaign by the Bounty Manager.
  • Participants can be disqualified from any of the campaigns for unethical behaviors such as cheating, using multiple accounts, spamming, and getting someone else to carry out the bounty program.

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Bitcointalk Signature

Rules for participation:

  • Only a Full Member can participate in this bounty program
  • Each participant must keep the signature, personal text and avatar till the sale of token has come to an end.
  • NB: You will get notifications at the end of token sales.

  • Each participant must make 15 meaningful posts each week. However, any participant that does not post at least 15 posts will be disqualified. Spam, burst and off- topic posts are not considered as parts of the 15 meaningful posts.
  • The number of posts will be counted each Sunday
  • Each meaningful post must have at least 80 characters
  • Bitcointalk Accounts with negative trust from DT-1 or DT-2 cannot participate

The following ranks are allocated these stakes:

Full Member: 4 stakes per day

Sr Member: 6 stakes per day

Hero/Legendary: 9 stakes per day

The following ranks are allocated these stakes:

  • Your rank level, personal text and avatar must correspond to your signature
  • You must fill the attached Google form
  • You must send notifications to this thread after getting a personal text, avatar and signature

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Translation and Moderation

Rules for participation:

  • Each person is allocated a single spot
  • The translation must be posted on Bitcointalk. It should be noted that other forums are not accepted
  • Translation can only be done in the following languages — Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish
  • You will be disqualified if you only have a dead thread with a single post
  • Only high-quality translation will be accepted. Google Translator or related tools and bad quality works will disqualify you
  • Only posts with important and regular update will be counted. Spam will not be counted
  • After filling the form, each participant only has 5 days to complete the translation and submit it. Failure to adhere to the deadline will lead to disqualification
  • Stakes for task:

    Author that has a post with important news: 15 stakes

    Thread with over 1000 views: 50 stakes

    Announcement thread translation: 100 stakes

    For participation, you must:

    • Fill the attached Google form
    • Provide notification in your Biitcointalk thread once you are done with the translation. The link of the translation should be provided.

    Twitter Campaign

    Rules for participation:

    • The form must be filled every 2 weeks or you will be disqualified
    • You must send your report within 2 days of filling the form
    • Newbie and other rank levels can participate
    • Once you fill the form, the followers number cannot be changed
    • Tweets that are answers to questions of other users should not be retweeted because it will not be considered as part of the campaign

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Stakes for Twitter Campaign will be based on the number of followers.

500–1000 followers: 2 stakes.

1000–3000 followers: 5 stakes

3000–10000 followers: 8 stakes

10000 or more followers: 10 stakes

For participation, you must:

  • Follow our Twitter account.
  • Retweet our tweets
  • Use your followers number to fill the Google form
  • Use the form to report your retweets

Media, Videos and Blog Posts

Rules for participation:

  • The blog must have been created for 3 months or more, and must be made public
  • The blog post or article must contain a minimum of 200 words and the quality of writing must be good
  • The blog must contain contents that are important and related to finances and crypto subjects
  • For YouTube video, the video must have a minimum of 50 subscribers and be high-quality
  • Each participant must submit at least 3 contents of media, videos or blog posts.
  • NB: the same content can be used at most two times on different blogs by the same author

  • The content must be original. Participants can be disqualified for using someone else’s work
  • Each media, video or post content must contain a link to Bitcointalk thread or our website
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The quality of the media, video or blog post content will be used in allocating stakes.

Low Quality: 30 stakes

Average Quality: 50 stakes

High Quality: 100 stakes

For participation, you must:

  • Fill the attached form and add the link to your content
  • Share the link of your content on any thread on Bitcointalk
  • To participate in Cubaaz Bounty campaign,