1What is Cubaaz Coin (CC)?
Cubaaz Coin (CC) is a utility token within Cubaaz ecosystem of flight, hotel, leisure and transport bookings. It is ERC-20 compliant and are all pre-mined.
2When will Initial Coin Offering (ICO) start?
Our crowdsale will start on February 5, 2018 and will end on April 10, 2018 or until hard cap is reached
3What payment methods are accepted in the ICO?
We accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and fiat payment (credit card and wire transfer) Note that purchase of tokens via wire transfers will be stopped in 10 days before expected date of ICO completion
4How much is Cubaaz token?
Upon launch, a single CC token is valued at 0.0001 BTC. For equivalent ETH/Fiat prices, the following exchanges will be used: Kraken, Bitstamp, Bitinex and Poloniex. See below structured token bonus based on purchased date: Dates 5-Feb-18 25-Feb-18 26-Feb-18 9-Mar-18 10-Mar-18 13-Mar-18 Period 20 days 12 days 4 days Bonus plus 20% token plus 15% token plus 10% token Dates 14-Mar-18 17-Mar-18 18-Mar-18 28-Mar-18 29-Mar-18 10-Apr-18 Period 4 days 11 days 13 days Bonus plus 6% token plus 3% token no bonus
5How much are you planning to raise?
We are aiming to raise at least 3 million USD up to 100 million USD. If the minimum funding goal is not attained, all contributions will be returned
6How many tokens will be allocated for ICO?
70% of the total token supply of 300,000,000 will be available for purchase during ICO
7How is Cubaaz compared to other blockchain-based ‘Travel & Industry’ projects?
Cubaaz features benefits travelers the most, not only in finding the best deals or rewards but efficiency and convenience of transactions. By combining for the first time all the advantages of Big Data, artificial intelligence, collective intelligence and blockchain technology, a traveler need only to open single web portal and application ( iOS and android ) for any type of tourist booking solution. Pally and Trippki platorms mainly focus on rewarding travelers through booking and reviewing hotels or socializing with locals; whilst Winding Tree creates an open-source pla[orm for travel ecosystem to be built on top of it, thus no user-facing product. Cubaaz advantage over Travelcoin are its partnership with real estate and data-focused companies that are determined to make this one-of-a-kind project feasible.
8Do you have a DEMO ?
Yes we do and will be launched publicly on Jan 2018
9Do you charge users/travelers to use your platform?
Our platform is totally fee for users and our income will be generated through commission paid by more than 15,000 web site partners (Expedia.com booking.com airbnb.com etc) Average commission is between 6 to 15% of the total service payment by purchaser.
10How is Cubaaz structured legally?
CUBAAZ INVEST SAS is a legally registered company in Colombia under the number MATRICULA 159148 and with NIT:901122632-7 with a fully paid-up capital of $100,000,000.00.
11When are tokens distributed to contributors?
ETH payments will receive the tokens immediately upon purchase but are frozen and not transferable until April 23 2018. All other purchased Cubaaz tokens will be distributed no later than April 23 2018 . All possible functionality of tokens will be active on 23rd of April 2018
12What happens to unsold and unallocated tokens?
These tokens will be destroyed. Also .5% from every transaction in CC tokens is “burned” forever for conducting the transaction. “Burning process” is decentrally regulated by smart-contracts. 0.5% will be calculated based on current exchange rate. No Cubaaz tokens will be issued over ICO.
13What exchanges will Cubaaz tokens be listed on?
We are yet to finalize the exact crypto exchange but we are aiming to have it listed over ICO to support and enlarge user base
14Is there a bounty program?
Yes there’s a bounty program in place. To know more, click here